Anne Frank (Can I be honest?)

There have been a lot of articles going around the last couple weeks with headlines something like “Anne Frank may not have been betrayed.”The idea being that the people who knew where they were hiding may NOT have sold them out.

Well, EXCUSE ME!?!?!?

Anne Frank’s family was killed in the holocaust. She was betrayed by her government, her country, her fellow countrymen. It doesn’t matter if someone ratted them out in the end, or they were found on accident. The family, and more than a MILLION other Jews were killed in that holocaust.

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So please, can we stop all the headlines about them “not being betrayed.” My heart just aches at that language. They WERE betrayed. And unto death. Surely they can find a better way to say there may be new info about how the Frank family was found. I fear for how little the knowledge of the holocaust is spoken of, taught, how easily it is forgotten.

May we never forget.


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