Dear Body: Resilience part 3

Dear Body,

You amaze me. Your ability to get up and go in the face of such odds is nearly superhuman.

I am sorry for pushing you beyond what is healthy for you.

Your very cells carry around the good and painful memories of our 45 years.

I am sorry I judge you based on appearance, without looking beyond to the real you.

You have protected us from countless pathogens we could not fight off.

I am sorry for being angry at you for the protective barrier you created for me.

This Falling world has put a toxic burden on you, and our trauma has been like fuel to the fire.

I am sorry I have looked at you in disgust for how you bore this battle.

You and I have grasped at ways to cope with all that has come against us.

I am sorry for what my coping choices cost you.

You have cried out to get my attention.

I am listening.

You have asked for help.

Help has come, and more is coming.

Thank you for how you have supported me, despite my treatment of you.

Thank you for getting my attention, so I could stop and make a course correction.

Thank you for your insight, and your instinct.

I want to work with you, and no longer against you.


With love,


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Spring Gouette
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