Deodorant– SUCCESS!!

Bringing a most-requested blog post over to the new blog this morning! Seriously, you might as well bookmark it now, because you-and-everyone-you-know are going to want to reference it again.     (I have people re-requesting it all. the. time.)


Finally posting this here, because people ask me for my deodorant recipe ALL. THE. TIME. JENNIE-MAE. (Inside joke. Go see  the play The Diviners if you ever get a chance!!) 🙂

I started with a recipe from another blog. But come summer, it was too runny. (Picture liquid deodorant flinging all around the bathroom when your husband tries to take off the cap). Sooooo…. I had to tweak it for the hot weather.

Here is my tweak:

1/4 cup aluminum free baking soda

1/4 cup arrowroot starch (corn starch would also work, but I avoid corn)

3 tbs ish coconut oil

2 tbs cocoa butter

1-2 tbs beeswax

5-10 drops essential oils of your choice (favorite combos are 5 each of lemon/meleuca, or 5 each sandalwood/melaleuca-esp for  the Captain, it’s a nice manly combo)

Melt the coconut oil and cocoa butter and beeswax in a stainless steel pot, then add to dry ingredients. Mix with a pastry cutter, or food processor etc. Add essential oils at the end, and then pour/scoop the soft mixture into empty deodorant containers. Voila!

Takes only a handful of minutes, and THIS STUFF WORKS! My husband used to have to put store-bought deodorant on twice a day (with a sit-down job). I kid you not, I had to sniff his armpit to believe when he told me once a day with this stuff worked! LOL We will NOT be going back to store-bought deodorant! Avoid the chemicals (esp toxic aluminum) and try something that really works!

*This made two-ish sticks of deodorant. Sometimes I double it to make a bigger batch.

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