Finally….. a food list

Today I did what I have been putting off for like like two years…. I took the low histamine food list, the glycemic index list, the lectin/oxalate list, my allergy list, and compiled a “mostly safe food list” for myself.
When I met my new doctor, and she gave me some guidelines, she said with a shake of her head “I’m sorry I’m not giving you a menu!”
My reply with a sigh, “I know. I’m going to have to create my own.”
Second doctor to say “when you get this figured out, you’re going to help a lot of people!”
I guess that’s my fate. So….
Phase 1, create a list of foods. Done.
It took me 3 1/2 hours. But the Red Sox were on, and were totally kicking butt today. So that helped!
I will talk more about why histamine/oxalate/lectins and glycemic index lists were given to me to compile in a future post too! And I still need to make it prettier for sharing. Probably a little PDF in the future, including shopping lists etc.
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