Ginger-Turmeric Tea

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I’m so happy to be kicking off the blog with a new favorite therapeutic yummy recipe for you.

I am at another jumping-off point in my health journey. A couple really stressful years, beyond my control (adoption, job loss twice, giving up a house, moving etc) highlighted some of my genetic health/autoimmune issues and my body has been shouting for more attention.

I have found a new wonderful doctor, who happens be both a cardiologist AND an oils lover. Am I blessed or what?! 

He started me on fresh ginger tea with ginger oil added in, to support healthy blood pressure. And then he had me add in fresh turmeric for added benefits. I have read about both of these supporting mast-cell stabilization as well, ( a part of my journey yet to be written about). I use about an inch of ginger and 1/4 inch of turmeric.

I LOVE ginger, and was totally happy to comply. I admit I was a little doubtful of adding the turmeric; I associate it with chicken soup, which is NOT what I’m looking to sip as tea.

Turns out, it was amazingly yummy!

And happens to look like carrot when you grate it!

I fill the teapot twice a day with a fresh batch, and then drink it through the day. So yummy!

I add two drops of this to the teapot to boost the therapeutic benefit (but also use the whole plant for all of the other components).

You should totally try it! The health benefits of ginger and turmeric are all over the web for your perusal. Or you can take my word on it, and just enjoy the warm deliciousness with me.

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