Got Resilience?

I have had a few people comment on my “resilience” in the last few months. Then my husband used it to describe me today. It has had me pondering…

I definitely don’t feel “tough” most days. I feel physically weak most of the time. (Working on chronic anemia and adrenal issues not to mention my alphabet-soup-diangoses). I feel at times emotionally weak/overwhelmed. I occasionally flounder spiritually and have to get my feet back under me. Oftentimes with the encouragement of a fellow-lover-of-scripture’s assistance.

So definition 1 doesn’t feel like me.¬†Definition 2 has my name in it. ūüėČ

So I asked myself, regarding definition #2… What is it that causes me to spring back…to be flexible enough to be bowed down so low, and then bounce back? And in seasons where I was not very resilient, why not then? Why now?


When I was not resilient, I did not have hope. 

Or when my hope was in the wrong things. I have had hope that, if I did all the right things, everything would get better. Circumstances would change. People would change. My body would be totally healed.

But we don’t control other people’s choices. We don’t have full control over our environment, or its affect on our bodies. We live in a fallen world. Hurting people hurt others. Even “the earth groans.” (Romans 8:22)

What allows me to bounce back, to lift back up, after being bowed low with heavy things, is hope. But hope, rooted in faith. 

Holding  Onto His Promises  Everyday

When I choose to remind myself of who God is, of His goodness…. to surround myself with others who will remind me when I am weak… to spend real time studying what His word says about who He is…. time talking to Him…. creating space in my life for all of these things… THIS hope sustains me. He is good. I will be ok, come what may.

Faith, that this life is not all there is. Faith rooted in my own testimony of His work in my life, and others.

And faith and hope that there are things I can do that make a difference. 

There is no perfect diet/lifestyle that cures all heal issues, but there are things that I can do, that can help me feel better.

There is no helping all orphans, but I can help one.

There is no helping all refugees but I can help some.

This belief is deep in me. It’s how I bounce back. It’s where my resilience comes from.¬† If you need someone to come alongside you, to hold this belief for you, this HOPE, when you can’t hold it… reach out to me. I am forming a group for women who want to do this for each other.

I’m in it with you. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it’s easier. It’s definitely easier when you are not alone.

Tomorrow…. more on physical resilience. The human body is an amazing thing.

Spring Gouette
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