A few weeks ago, I wrote about how we don’t always know if something is good or bad when it happens. But you know what we DO know?

We know when something is HARD. 

Like you, I’ve walked through some hard things. And without trying to label them as bad, or “good in the end,” here is what I’ve been reminding myself about the Hard Things.

Hard isn’t evil. (Although evil is hard.)

Hard doesn’t mean you did something wrong.

Hard doesn’t mean God is angry with you, or displeased with you.

Sometimes Hard is transition. Sometimes Hard is birthing something new.

Sometimes Hard is about conquering yourself.

Sometimes Hard is about trusting God.

Sometimes Hard is just about letting yourself feel how hard it is.

And, HARD doesn’t mean “it’s over.” It’s just right now.

When it’s Hard, I try to:

feel my feelings, eat some greens, maybe followed by chocolate, go for a walk, take a nap, laugh with my kids, clean something, take a long bath, roll on the peace and console oil, meditate, read scripture, journal, pray, talk to a good friend…

How do YOU get through the hard?

(No pics in this post… “Hard” is so very individual and personal. Don’t compare what feels hard to you, to what feels hard to someone else. Hard just is.                  xo -Spring)

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