There’s a new blog in town…

I am so excited to introduce to you my new blog and website, The Whole You! ( My husband has been working hard behind the scenes getting things set up for me, and I am loving seeing it all come together!

I’ve been itching to write for a while, but struggled to figure out where and how, as I have my fingers in a variety of different pies, as always! I found myself initially prepping blog posts about doing the doTERRA business (one of my several passions). I was so torn about an area of focus, because I love so many things.

Then one night, I was reading in The Big Leap, and something really struck me that made me think about “the whole you,” all of the facets that make me who I am. And I realized I need to write about ALL of it!

So, here is the home of my new online presence, where I will write about my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, with food, working on emotional well-being, my spiritual walk, essential oils (I love to share with others how I use them for my family) and even financial health in the business portion of my blog.

I have inherited a new-to-me laptop, and I am so excited to dust off my camera and share with photos, videos and words, all the areas God leads me into in the coming year! You will also soon find my most popular posts from my old blog here, like my deodorant recipe, and my facial lotion. You will find links in the recipe section.

I hope you will join me in pursuing health and wellness in all areas of life together in 2017 and beyond!

Be well,


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