How’s your self-care?

Napping was hard for me! To go from a love-to-be-busy, over-achiever to someone who needed naps was tough. But I am very thankful for the lessons I have learned while learning to sit still.

Lessons like…. if I had been ok with sitting still from time to time, perhaps my body wouldn’t have crashed so hard…. and I couldn’t begin to heal until I allowed resting to be considered “doing something” in my own head.

I got so much of self-worth from what I could accomplish, that my self-care was often last. I love crossing things off a list! I love getting into bed at night with the thought of all I got done that day.

So I had to learn to redefine what “getting something done” meant. If it helps my body, mind and soul: heal, de-stress, feel better, rest, conscious breath-work, practice staying out of fight or flight, digest better, feel calmer, etc… it counts!

Things like, Epsom salt baths, naps, sitting still, propping up in bed for 30 minutes before getting up, talking to a friend, ozone therapy… these are just as important as reading to my kid, or unloading the dishwasher. And the more consistent I am at doing these things, the better mom, health coach, etc I will be. And I’ll be more able to do the other things that normally make to-do lists.

What do you do to take care of your body, soul and spirit?

Best in Health,

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