In Awe of the Human Body: Resilience part 2

The more I learn about how the human body was created to function, the more I am in awe. Truly, we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

I will admit I have not always felt awe for how my body has handled a myriad of health assaults… Lyme, mold, and resulting triggers of genetically predisposed MCAS, hEDS. I have not been thrilled with how my adrenals ran non-stop to cope with chronic stress. (They managed to go a really long time… until I burnt them out).

I have not loved how my infections caused my pancreas to trigger hyper-insulin production at times, in order to create more fat to store the infections in, in order to protect my organs. Also resulting in hypoglycemia.

Or its overreaction to things that don’t bother others… like perfume, scented laundry detergent, and hair spray.

Although I have resented some of these coping skills with which my body was formed, as I have resented resting during the long healing process, the fact is… my body has survived this chaotic onslaught because of these coping skills.

And so as I ponder the word resilience, I think about all that my body has handled, often without little deliberate support from me. And I see resilient as an adjective to describe my body as well. To describe my appearance. This body has “battle scars”, literal scars and systemic scars, that I am working to gradually heal.

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But I want look at myself in the mirror and see “resilience,” not weakness, or heaviness, or just exhaustion and burn out.

Perhaps tomorrow I will share the letter I wrote to my body, as an exercise in shifting my self image a few years ago. It resonates even more now, as I ponder this word others keep seeing in me.

Have you ever paused to appreciate your body’s physical resilience? Do you need others to help you see it? Reach out to me. You aren’t the only one.


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