It’s green.

It’s green.

That was my first thought when green smoothies and juices became all the rage a decade or so ago. I could not imagine that **I** would ever drink a green juice. Yet here I am! Funny, it’s true that your taste buds will change when you switch over to eating natural, whole foods.

I first tried this juice at a restaurant where I was teaching an essential oils class. Yup. You’ve come a long way when you’ll PAY to drink green juice!  It has kale, cucumber and apple. ( Use green at home. I think the restaurant uses gala apples, that have been peeled).

I use about 2 cups of baby kale (big curly kale is hard on the gut) with the stems removed, half a cucumber, and a green apple. I add a second apple if I am offering inviting bribing  a kid to have some too.

We bought this juicer about 14 years ago, in the very beginning of my natural health journey. I took up juicing, dehydrating, and soaking nuts/seeds as hobbies that would help me feel better.  My recent health issues have led me back to my natural-eating roots I guess you could say. Green juice was not on my radar back then; we primarily did carrot juice and some fruits. The Captain had to order one part, and it ran beautifully,  just like I hadn’t given up juicing 5 years ago!

After I run all the produce through the juicer, I pour it through a filter to catch any chance pulp that lingered. I have done smoothies for several years because I wanted the fiber for keeping my colon healthy, and also to keep my blood sugar from spiking. But right now, getting nutrition absorbed more quickly is important, so juice it is!

I have to say though, this is deliciously delightful, and I do not feel bad for myself that I need to drink this. I plan to slowly decrease the apple/up the greens in order to get more healing nutrients into my body.

Because of my hyperinsulinemia, I was a little unsure of juicing, even if it were mostly greens. But I have a handful of nuts with it, and my blood sugar does fine! No sugar crashes mid-morning at all. It is, of course, work. To get out the product and cut it all up, and run it through the juicer, and then clean the machine etc. But like with most things we could procrastinate, if I just set my mind to it, and decide it’s important, it is all done much more quickly than I’d expect.

I learned that little trick from the Flylady. If there is something you are avoiding with an “I don’t have time” excuse, use a timer to see how long it actually takes. You’ll be surprised usually! And then you’ll feel less overwhelmed at the idea of doing it. I did this for things like mopping the kitchen, putting away the clean dishes etc. It worked for me!

Do you drink green juice or green smoothies? What are your favorite combos?

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