Not what you expected?

Have you ever wondered, if you were an Israelite at the time of Christ’s coming, if you would have “missed it?” I have. I wonder if I would have missed the fact that the Messiah I had been taught to hope and wait for had come, because he had come in a way I was not expecting. I have surely made assumptions about what God’s goodness, and “good gifts” look like in the past!

I am studying the book of Romans with a group of friends via FB-group, and today’s reading was chapter 10. Paul is writing about the fact that many Israelites rejected Jesus as the Messiah. And I as pondered it, I wondered how likely I would have been to make the same mistake. They were actually taught to expect a certain outcome from his arrival. They¬† had misinterpreted what the promised deliverance was from. They assumed it was from Roman rule. But it was in reality deliverance from themselves.

And then I wondered, how likely is it that the way I talk about God to others, to friends, to my kids, gives people a false picture of what to expect from God?The only truly safe point of view is to simply remind ourselves and others of what scripture says.





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