Romans 1-12 (in a tiny nutshell)

Sometimes words start coursing through my brain, pleading to be released. As I sat down to chapter 12 of my Romans bible study, this “summary according to Spring’s brain” started writing itself. In order to be left alone, I am typing it here. 🙂

ROMANS 1-12 Spring’s Brain’s Summary Version

You are a mess.
Stop pointing to other people’s messes and ignoring your own. That’s an even worse mess.
You do not get to decide what is a mess and what isn’t. God does.
You cannot stop being a mess on your own.
There is hope for your mess in Jesus.
As Jesus cleans up your mess, don’t judge people who are still in their mess, the ones who didn’t find Jesus yet. It’s not because YOU are awesome; it’s because HE is.
Jesus has made you a part of something bigger, something God has been doing since the beginning.
When you realize all that Jesus has done for you, what will be your response?
Live differently. Love differently. Do good.
Let God handle the rest.

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