Room to Breathe

This month, I started a new Facebook community for people who love to learn, love to cheer for others, who like or need accountability,  while on their own wellness journey. It’s called The WHOLE You with Spring.

For the month of January, my personal health focus (and the focus of a five-day challenge in the Facebook group) is BREATHING. No weightloss. No major character-transformations. Simply working deliberately on my breathing.

I have shared in the group a little of what I learned about breathing last year, that I am now taking time to put into personal practice.

We could get all philosophical (and easily negative) about a society that has to deliberately choose to return to practicing breathing. But I choose to see it as learning to adapt to modern changes, while also mining for the treasure of previous wisdom that gets buried in the shuffle of our modern pace. And learning how to take the best of the “now,” while not letting it drown out other important things. (Oops. See? Philosophical!)

The merging of traditional wisdom about our bodies and modern science has shown us some amazing things! My cardiologist introduced me to the biofeedback app called HeartMath, and I am using it daily in my breathing exercise this month. (Twice daily, actually!)

I have found the app fascinating in experimenting with essential oils, which ones help me maintain coherence (more on that in a soon-to-publish post), which ones help me focus etc.

I know that ultimately, with the scent-association, I will be able help trigger relaxation/coherence without using the app! Yeah, I’m geeking out a little bit with all the science this month too.

If you’d like to follow along in the Facebook group, you can request to join here!

Have you ever deliberately practiced breathing? I’d love to hear about it!


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