Singing in the Dark: Loneliness

Did the pandemic create a loneliness epidemic as well? As someone who already created a lifestyle of working from home due to chronic health issues, suddenly my life felt more normal. Many people were now experiencing my everyday life. But there was still an increase in a sense of being alone at work, a sense of disconnection from the world, as we left home less and less to be around others.

Maybe, those of us who are often “singing in the dark” alone, have something to offer to those who are new to this type of isolation and loneliness. And the truth is, many people do not yet feel comfortable “getting back to normal.” There is a PTSD-of-the-Soul from this life season.

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This photograph really spoke to me. As a singer/songwriter, the last few years have felt this way… sharing my music, or my thoughts, to a distant audience,  people who may never notice/hear… but singing all the same.

Then suddenly, a pandemic hits, and everyone tunes in to the internet in a whole new way. Before it was distraction. Now suddenly it seemed more like survival. Those who have been singing in the dark were now being noticed.

People began to work harder to deliberately create connection via technology.  Something those who live in isolation have to do all the time.

And now, as we come out of the pandemic-life, it is time to begin healing. As a health coach, I have grown to realize the importance of connection, and groups, for real healing and lasting change to take place. There is probably a level of PTSD for most people from the last 16 months. There are unhealthy coping skills that have begun or returned, as we all tried to cope with the loneliness.

The cure for loneliness is connection with others. And the cure for many of these other habits is also connection with others. This is my goal as a health and wellness coach: to help people move from overwhelm to action, by providing a community in which to do the healing. This may be a community of two, when someone is not ready to open up to a group, or a larger group.

We need to find the people on the same journey we are on, and link arms with them, connect hearts, and begin the climb to healing. Instead of singing alone in the dark, let us raise a chorus together, and step into the light. This may be online. This may be in person. Or both. But it will be on purpose.

Spring Gouette
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