The Waiting

I was not born with a gift for waiting.

Some say anticipation is half the fun.
But I never got that.

For me, the School of Waiting included mandatory classes like:
Chronic illness
International adoption
Being in the World but Not of It

And you know what?

Waiting is a skill you can get better at.
It turns out, patience, trust, faith are all muscles you can strengthen.

I don’t love it.
But I am thankful for the result.
My Faith is bigger.
My Peace is stronger.

Electives like: Piano Practice, Journaling, and Singing help the time go by.
Frequent Bible Study, and Bible-obsessed Friends are a big help.

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In fact, if you are suffering from some divinely-sent waiting, I strongly prescribe Bible study for an early and effective treatment. Google “bible gateway” and an emotion you are struggling with… say “peace” or “fear.” Read all the verses. Let one verse lead you to another. Get a friend who will remind you of this prescription.

You are not alone.
I am not alone.

I am well-loved, even in the waiting.
Or, I am well-loved, therefore I wait.

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