Time…. does interesting things

Time flies when you’re having fun…..

Time heals all wounds….

Timehop became a social media thing….

A watched pot never boils… (IE focusing on the waiting makes it feel like it takes every longer)

Going through my memories-of-the-day on Facebook this morning, seeing pictures of our youngest before he came home from Haiti, something about time really struck me. This time of year, my time-hop is filled with pictures and posts about gotcha day, and memories of trips.

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In all of the long, nearly-5-years process, I was agonizing about all we were missing because he was not home. God really used that time to stretch and grow my faith in Him and His Timing, and what does it really mean for God to “be good to us” anyway.

And as I went through pictures of birthday parties here at home, 6 year’s worth now! And trips to Haiti, I am struck again, as I was when we went to bring him home…. that the wait did not keep us apart. We knew each other. We had time together in his country of birth. And now it was time to take him home for new memories.

When I felt like we were missing out on history together, we were making memories. It’s not what I would have wished, to be separated for so long. But these Haiti memories of him being so little fill my time-hop just like the memories of him being home do.

We have a shared history. We have memories together going back to 2 years old, when he was wearing 18 months sized clothing. I bathed him. I put diapers on him for bed. I held him when he was sick. (God is so cool, I ended up being there to nurse him back to health. Pic above). It wasn’t all here, and there were long, way too long, stretches between visits.

But now as he turns 13, right after his 6th Gotcha Day, I see even more clearly, that we don’t have only 6 years of history together. I feel thankful that we have 11 years of history.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds. But hindsight is much closer to 20/20. God works all things for good, for those that are in Christ Jesus. (Romans 8:28)


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