Trial and Error

My health journey has been interesting complicated. I have had more doctors throw their hands up in the air, saying they don’t know what to do with me, than I care to count. Even m y current doctor that has me on the right track mentioned something about my being a particularly complex case, on more than one occasion. (What a claim to faim, huh?)

However, always in the nick of time, I have been led to the right person who can help me on the next step. Sometimes we hit on just the right thing quickly (like when I went gluten/corn/soy free 9 years ago and my BP went from 180/120, to a much safer 130/90 in three days). Other times it takes some trial and error.

You can google and find all kinds of information about the link between a healthy/leaky gut and autoimmune issues. I had done a ton of reading about myself. (Incidentally, I highly recommend the writer of for this type of information! She is a microbiologist who turned to lifestyle medicine for her own health, and she is so good at studying the science and putting it into usable laymen’s terms for people like me!) So I knew that healing my gut was going to be important.

Often, to heal the gut, people turn to the GAPS diet. There is a lot of evidence that it can not only heal the gut, but also help many mental health issues that are so impacted by the “second brain,” the gut. I was not surprised when my new doctor suggested we start there.

However, in my trial of this diet, I found I had a hard time with the fat and broth. It turns out that people with histamine/mast cell issues may have a hard time with fats and with high histamine foods. So I went back to my research, and I found this interview with Dr Castells, a leading mast cell doctor in Boston, where she says that fats may not be so good for people with mast cell issues. So we put that diet aside, and went back to focusing on eating whole foods, while I learn more about what foods may trigger histamine reactions for me. It will be a slower process to heal my gut that way, but I have to work with the body I’ve been given!

It’s also a bit hit or miss with supplements. I have been very pleased with the number of temporary supplements I have been able to successfully add in. But there was one that gave me a severe histamine response. I called it a 3-alarm (3 benedryl required to get symptoms to abate.) It’s no fun when it happens, and the lost $ is always equally painful. But it’s a journey, and somehow I have to just stay at peace with that.

So while I won’t be blogging about my journey on the GAPS diet, or using medicinal stevia as a health too, I will be blogging what works and doesn’t as I go along on this journey!

Onward and upward!

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